Shepard McCallum

About Assemblage Collage I Collage II Covers Boxes Sculpture Cans

Rad, 2007, collage



Shining Path, 2012, collage



Orange Julius In The Land Of The Midnight Sun, 2014, collage



Moon Movie In Studio Q, 2014, collage



White Light/White Heat, 2014, collage



The White Bike, 2014, collage



All New For '62, 2014, collage



Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, 2014, collage



Thirty-Minute Delivery, 2014, collage



Wolf Mother 1, 2014, collage



Miss Antilles' Field Trip, 2014, collage



Taxi Taxi, 2014, collage



Ashitaka's Song, 2014, collage




Never Forget, 2012, collage



Witness, 2013, collage



Silk Road, 2014, collage



Loading Mercury With A Pitchfork, 2013, collage



Smokey And The Bandit's Lancelot Birding School For Hopeful Romantics, Or: Heart Of Darkness, 2013, collage



Diver Down, 2014, collage



Second Ark, 2014, collage



Children Of Dune, 2013, collage



My Griffin Is Gone, 2012, collage



Echoes, 2004, collage



911's A Joke, 2010, Collage



American Spirit, 2007, collage



Mother American Night, Pt 2, 2011



Dear Diary, 2008, collage



Fish Wives, 2010, collage



Verona, 2007, collage



Hotblack Diasto, 2006, collage



Alive with Pleasure, 2004, collage



Hard Times in Emerald City, 2005, collage



Troy, 2005, collage



Red State, 2007, colage



Weekend On McCloud, 2007, collage



Rita Skeeter Parking Meeter, 2010, collage



The Midnight Flight of Hogarth Hughes, 2007, collage



Minus One, 2012, collage



Czech Mate, 2012, collage



Dogma, 2012, collage


Prodigal Daughter, 2005, collage



Layover, 2011, collage



Gepetto's Dream, 2010, collage



Dash's Dilemma, 2007, collage



Quadrophenia, 2012, collage



Caliphonics, 2012, collage



Melange, 2007, collage



About Assemblage Collage I Collage II Covers Boxes Sculpture Cans